Engineering Education

The phrase “engineer” conjures up and image of someone gleefully ploughing over the countryside map, ingenuity and technical ability, solving complex problems and finally coming up with a method that finally solves the problem at hand. This is the way many people experience engineering education. The problem is that this image is far too idealized.… Read More »

The Health Information Technology Engineering

S.T.A.R.T.YEARS The Society for the Advancement of Teaching and Technology (S-TARY) was established in 1918. its main purpose was the advancement of knowledge and the preparation of students for the new technological world. asm technology, science and instructional technology Review of Engineering Technology When the Engineering Electronic Department in Michigan University’s College of Engineering and… Read More »

The History of “Engineer”

The term “engineer” stems from the Latin verb agenare, which means “to know.” However, there is much more to life than knowing things and applying them. onso Simonioff The word “engineer” stems from the Latin verb agenare, which means “to know.” Although the word originally had a technical meaning, it eventually became slang for “to… Read More »

The Evolution of Engineering

Nowhere is this more apparent than in semiconductor technology. The beginnings Semiconductors, the elements necessary to build electronic circuits, were the building blocks for microwave ovens, refrigerators, clocks, radar, and radar reflectors. Engineers was a group who designed and developed designs, invented new methods in process and used these to build instruments, building the first… Read More »

A Career in Engineering

The term “engineer” is derived from the Greek verb eksteion, which means “to make straight.” Engineers are experts in their particular field of study, and they are responsible for keeping a complete overview of all the different bits of technology that are used in daily life. A career in engineering would require one to go… Read More »

The Artful Ad Strategic Networking Spreadsheet for Engineers

If you have never seen one of these spreadsheets I Bride props you will get ZERO potential for use. We as engineers seeking to grow our business could use something this Tur theoretical. Or don’t we? I know you have noted other people’s blogs looking at strategic networking as a possible way to get a venue to promote our engineering business.… Read More »

Managing People – A Critical Management Skill for Engineering

There is a distinctly compelling need to motivate staff both at home and at your Engineering workplace; analysis, planning and measurement of performance are activities that will have an automated or semi-autected feedback loop for effective performance coaching.  So it’s time (and costs) to review your staff and action plans on how to get the… Read More »

The Engineering Behind a Bird Cage

You are probably here to learn about the fundamental thing all bird owners need to know. You want to know about bird cages, how they work, what kind they need, if you should get one, why it’s so important in the first place, the engineering behind them, etc. You want to know all of those… Read More »