The Engineering Behind a Bird Cage

By | August 9, 2021
engineering of a birdcage

You are probably here to learn about the fundamental thing all bird owners need to know. You want to know about bird cages, how they work, what kind they need, if you should get one, why it’s so important in the first place, the engineering behind them, etc. You want to know all of those things and you rightly should know them to be a good, responsible, bird owner.

Luckily for you, this is the place to be if you want all those answered and more, we have compiled almost every little detail that you may need to know in order to figure this whole thing out. Hopefully this list and analyze is going to be of some help to you, hopefully it tells you something that you don’t already know.

We have a lot to talk about today, a lot, and really not enough time. So, to make this analyze and list a little more manageable, we are going to have to limit some things. We really don’t want to waste your time, and all the information that we compiled may not be completely necessary for you to know. The history of bird cages for example may not be of any interest to you, and it certainly doesn’t answer any of the questions we’ve brought up.

So, to make this easy, and to make sure you are using your time to a maximum efficiency, we are going to have to be a bit choosy in what we learn today, so unfortunately, we are not going to be covering the history of the bird cage. We can learn a lot about that later, at some other point in time, in some other list and analyze.

We will on the other hand be focusing on the incredibly important parts of this fascinating topic, we will be going over everything that you need for this to be of any sort of value to you. We have a ton of useful information on how the engineering behind bird cages functions, how it works, what it does, how it helps you and your bird or birds.

We have a lot of information is the point, and we already said that we are going to be limiting it. We are going to be structuring it though in a way that will make it incredibly easy for you to understand, just so that you can save a lot of time and not have to go back through the list trying to figure out a specific piece of information, you just need to go through it and that’ll be that.

So, we have a lot of great stuff for you to look at today, hopefully you can learn a lot, hopefully it won’t be a waste of your time, and hopefully you have a little bit of fun learning something new, or necessary maybe if you are going to be getting a bird, or already have one. So, thank you for visiting, this is a conveniently compiled list and analysis of the engineering behind bird cages.

How a Bird Cage Works

So, a bird cage works in a very simple manner in theory and its base kind of stature. It is just a cage that you can house your bird in when you are not there, and when it needs to sleep, go to the bathroom, and eat. It is essentially a little house for the bird to live in, while its living in your much bigger human sized house. From that base description, we imagine that you can already imagine that you can see the importance of a bird cage, but we will save that explanation for later.

That is a very blunt description of a bird cage and leaves some essential functions of it out in order to save time. There is no need to worry though, we are going to be going into a much more detailed description and explanation, after all, this wouldn’t be a deep dive analysis if we left it at that.

So, as we said, a bird cage is essentially little house that your bird lives in as it is your pet for the duration of its life. It is its much tinier home away from home, and essential for a multitude of reasons that you can probably already imagine. But there are a lot of things that you need to know in order for it to be a good thing and not a bad choice.

See, it’s almost strange but the most miniscule of details matter in bird cages, where you place your bird cage for example, choosing the right sized bird cage, the shape and style of your bird cage, the quality of the bird cage, and strangely the spacing of the bars of the bird cage. All those details either seem too obvious to need an explanation or just seem unnecessary to.

Not to worry though, we said at the beginning that we would only be explaining the most important details and leaving out anything that may be deemed unnecessary. So, the miniscule details of these things are all important and you should take a look at them. So, simply going in order of these questions should make this a lot easier to understand.

The Fundamentals of Bird Cages

Where should you place your bird cage? This bit of strategic thinking is a lot more important than you think.  It’s kind of like when you buy a new home, and you have to pick a bedroom, you need to pick one that is suitable for you and your needs. You can’t pick a room that’s next to the washing room, it would keep you up all night as it washes your clothes, you don’t want one that’s right next to the living room, that would be disturbing as you can hear everything in there, etc.

Just like picking a bedroom for a new house, you have to put your bird cage in the optimal position in your own house for it to be comfortable and feeling safe in its social growth. So, a few things that you should keep in mind, and a few of these things we will be explaining in just a few moments, you should keep the cage away from any windows, away from any drafty places, so no vents, don’t isolate the cage, so don’t put it in some closet thinking that it will be safer, and put it into a more active part of your home, your bedroom being a very good place for it.

Though you do have to keep in mind that birds can be loud, so your bedroom may be the best choice for it, but not the best choice for you. Now, there are some things, as we said, that we have to go over now so that it will fit into the next portion. When you are going to be placing your bird cage you need to think about its size, how big your bird is, and how big the space you want to put the cage is, and you need to think about shape and style of your cage, which again is another size matter, but also a stylistic one.

So, the size of the cage, what size should you get? Well, for a bird cage, it is actually quite simple. Bigger is better. The bigger your bird cage is the better, your bird gets to spread their wings and have fun exploring in their new home, without any sort of hindrance.

If you get a bird cage that is too small, then some bad things could begin to happen. See, a bird cage that gets too small can make things really unpleasant, the bird starts to go kind of crazy living in there. They start screaming, plucking there feathers out, they start biting, psychological disorders, etc. A lot of things that you really don’t want to happen.

A few things to take into account when you are choosing the correct size, is that you need to remember that you will be placing things inside the cage, toys, food and water, bird perches, etc. The number of things that you put in there lessens her space, so just make sure that you get a cage that can fit all of that in.

The next thing to talk about is the bar spacing, which does seem a little bit strange. It is important though to talk about, and luckily, it’s a very quick explanation. Birds are like little escape artists, they are curious things, and they will try to get out of your cage through the bars. So, if you have a smaller bird, such as a parakeet, then the bars don’t have to be more than half an inch apart, if you have a bigger bird then get a cage that has horizontal bars instead of vertical, that way they can climb and have fun with their exercise.

Lastly, you simply need to take into account the quality of your bird cage, will it be sturdy and strong enough to hold your bird, and strong enough to not fall down around the poor thing. Is it clean? Is it easy to clean? Will the paint chip off, because if it does your bird may think it’s a snack? Can anything get into your cage, such as a cat, or other animal that may see your bird as a meal? just keep those things in mind when you think about the design and the quality of your cage.

If You Should Get a Bird Cage and Why It’s Important

So, we’ve explained the mechanics of the bird cage, the things to consider when you are buying one, and now we are the last leg of why you should consider getting one. Luckily for everyone, this is a very simple explanation and one that is very good for everyone. See, you are about to be a bird owner, or are a bird owner and you are thinking about getting a cage for them.

That is a very good thing for two very good reasons.

The first is safety, your bird has a little safe space that nothing will ever be able to penetrate, your parrotlet is safe and good and will not be at all harmed while in the cage, with the latch closed. Also, there safe from themselves, they won’t accidently fly out the door or window when you aren’t looking, because they are safe and having fun in their bird cage.

The other reason is comfort, you want your avian little friend to have the time of their life while its staying with you, but you also know that it may want a place of its own. I mean, imagine if you have to live with your parents for the rest of your life, it’s not that great, you love them and it’s a lot of fun, but you still wish you had your own little place to. stay for yourself. The same thing applies to your little friend.

So, it is a very good thing to have a bird cage for your friend, it’s kind, and something that they will have for the rest of their lives while they are with you, it is an overall good thing and something that you should seriously consider giving to your bird. It keeps them safe; it keeps them happy, and it make sure that you know both those things at all times.

The Conclusion

This was a deep dive analysis and list of the engineering behind a bird cage and all the reasons that you should consider getting one for your bird, and why it would be a good idea to have one. We talked about all the necessary things that you will want to know as a bird owner and all the things that you would want to know if you were considering it. Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to come by, this was the engineering behind bird cages.

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