The Engineering Behind Walt Disney World

By | July 21, 2021
Walt Disney World Engineering

There is so much behind Walt Disney world. There is so many intricate types of machines and systems that are used at that theme park, that it would honestly take days to example everything. All of it is extremely fascinating, and we would love to actually explain everything that should be explained, but for times sake we’ll be shortening some things, and leaving some things out that don’t necessarily need to be talked about in an official capacity. 

Walt Disney World’s engineering can be explained really, if you needed to, in just one word. Levels. There are levels upon levels of things that are seen at each of the parks. For example, you could say that a sandwich has levels, each of which has a purpose that needs to be fulfilled. You got the bread, which keeps everything inside the sandwich nice and stable, you’ve got some mustard to make things more interesting, and you’ve got some meat as your main attraction. 

A theme park at Walt Disney world is the exact same thing as a sand which in that type of essence. You can break down the parks level by level without much trouble, because honestly, it is all extremely complicated and intricate, but the basics are very easy concepts to grasp, and you really shouldn’t have any trouble understanding them. 

For this, we’ll be making things even more simple and explaining it in the way that it was originally intended to understand it. See, at each of the parks, not just at Walt Disney world, things are made in levels. The level that lull guests see are the lands that  they will be exploring. Another level is one that the staff is going to see, another is going to be a behind the scenes level in which the way the machines are cared for, etc. 

Like a sandwich, you can go down in order of what things are and how they work. So, to keep this simple, we can explain the engineering of Walt Disney world by explaining each level in order, from top to down. So, we’d start with the level that guests see, as its the most important, and its also the one that’s on the top of all the other levels. 

As a little note, you can think of the main level of Walt Disney world as a computer. The things that you see on the screen is the main level of the park, and everything behind that screen is all the other levels, each with there own function. We just thought you might want another example, just in case you didn’t really get the sand which one a fe seconds ago. 

Anyways, now that we have explained the basics and what each level means (or how the levels work), we can move on to the bread and butter of this analysis, we can start on what you came for. Hopefully we wont have to hard a time helping you figure out what you need to know, and hopefully you will find what you need during this. So, for your convenience and pleasure, here is a conveniently compiled list of how the engineering behind Walt Disney world works

The Guests Level

So, like we said, the guest level is the one that the guests will be seeing and is the most important level to consider because it is the computer screen with a ton of random bits and bobs behind it. It is also the easiest level to explain, though it is also the one that is going to take the longest. 

As you know, when the guests enter Walt Disney world, they have the option of picking four different theme parks, the Magic Kingdom, The Animal Kingdom,  EPCOT, and Hollywood Studios. This is the beginning of the sub levels of the actual levels. The guest level is made up of tons of different parts, bits and bonds, and its made like that because people want to be entertained. 

See, they have the option of four different parks, that have four different themes. The Magic Kingdom is a place where all the Disney characters can live. EPCOT is the place of innovation and culture. The Animal Kingdom is a place that appreciates nature and the beauty of life. Hollywood Studios is the place that celebrates the arts of story telling and is an appreciation to all things adventures and bold. 

Each is a level of its own, and well have to explain how they work in tandem to continue. So, a guest can go ahead and decide which of the parks they would like to visit, lets say they go ahead and choose EPCOT. EPCOT is of course one of the more popular parks in Florida. 

Anyway, they choose EPCOT, this is the level of choice, Walt Disney World gives all of its guests the freedom of choice when it comes to the parks, and they do that because they know it will bring in a ton of revenue. They have the distance and availability. To have tons of different parks, and further, different experience that people will want to experience. 

It goes even further, because in each park, there are different lands and areas that can be explored by the guests, this is the meat of the sand which, they can go in and explore different areas of the park that have different meaning. Sticking with the EPCOT choice, a guest can go and visit tomorrow world, and an hour later be in Italy to have some of the best pizza known to man. 

The next level in the guests section is the rides. The actual things that they experience, the bread and the butter, the meat of the sand which. the guests have the choice to go and experience a plethora of rides, a ridiculous amount actually. So, they have tons of different things to experience and they have tons of choices to make things work on there visit, and it especially works out for the company as they have made themselves a ton of options for all the guests that decide to visit them. 

The Behind the Scenes Level 

The next level in this amazing vine of creativity, is the behind the scenes level. Now, this is something important to note before we start to explain these next two levels. The Behind the Scenes Level and the Staff Level are very similar but they are extremely different and need a level to consider for each of them. 

If they both didn’t have there own thing to explain then they will have plenty of breathing room for you to understand what they have to. So, please try to have patience with us as we go over both and realize that they are in essence different, and should be viewed as such.

Anyways, the behind the scenes level is the second most easy one to explain in this deep dive behind the engineering behind Walt Disney world. The behind the scenes of the Walt Disney world parks is the science and function of things behind the guest level. 

See, this is where everything works, this is the wires and bulbs that are making the screen light up with what the viewer wants. The wires in the robots, the wheels on the cars, and the speed that a magnet launches a roller coaster is the behind the scenes level. This is an important part of the levels and engineering of the Walt Disney world because it is the thing that makes everything work .

You can kinda imagine this like the bread on the sand which, its the thing that holds everything together and makes sure everything is function properly as someone uses them. So, as you probably understand it so far, this isn’t something that is to complicated to understand, 

Every time you get on a ride, go see a show, or meet a famous character from a. Film, and you think the famous question “how did they do that,” you have just inquired into the behind the scenes level of the Walt Disney world. If you have ever visited the Walt Disney world, area planning on it, or have already been, then the next time you think about or see something happening you should ask yourself that question and try to the find the answer. 

Some pretty cool facts that you probably didn’t know about the behind the scenes of the Walt Disney world is there crazy level of detail to everything. Did you know for example that when you walk down Main Street USA, yo can smell popcorn, there world famous popcorn? You walk in and you usually see there pop corn stand and think “man that smells great” well that smell isn’t coming from he stand. There are little devices around the area that make you smell it, as the cart itself isn’t strong enough to let everyone smell that wonderful aroma, that nostalgic aroma. 

The Staff Level 

The last level of the parks and the absolute most simple one to explain that this will really only take a few paragraphs to have you understand this. Now, like we said a few moments ago the behind the scenes level and the staff level are extremely similar, but that is only because of their function, which is to work for the guest level. There are in reality two different function working for the same thing. 

See, the behind the scenes level works for the guest level and the staff level works for the behind the scenes level. As the behind the scenes level makes sure that the guest level works, the staff level makes the behind the scenes level work. They make sure that everything is running smoothly and efficiently when they are doing there thing. 

This is extremely important, you can sort of imagine it like the power cord to a computer. The computer needs to be plugged in for all the bits and bobs behind the screen to work. So, they all kind of work in tandem with each other, kinda like dominos, when one is working well, the other is, and it all just works out because of it. 

A pretty good example of the staff level, is well, the staff themselves. The people that work on the rides and wear the costumes area the staff level, they make sure that everything is a okay and ready to go each and every morning that they are working. You can sort of use yourself as an example fore this. Every time you walk into a room and its dark, what do yo do? Easy. You go and flip the switch to turn the light on.

That’s exactly what the staff at Disney do, they make sure that everything is turned on and ready to go by the guests that they will be receiving each and every day. You can imagine the hard work that they go through everyday to satisfy their customers, they have a lot that they need to get done and in the way that they are supposed to most of the time by using an Orlando SEO Consultant.  

 The Conclusion 

So, that is the engineering behind the Walt Disney world resort in Florida, and really every other Disney park around the world. They all function in the exact same way, so the all have to be running at the same way, meaning that this analyze still applies to them. The focus for todays article though is on the Walt Disney world, and as such we have been focusing on that. 

Hopefully this was something that helped you out with whatever you need, hopefully if you where just curious about the basic functions of the park, this may have satisfied your curiosity. Hopefully you’ll be able to visit the parks sometime in the future as they are re amazing, and just full of amazing fun. It’s seriously something that you don’t want to miss if you have the chance to go and experience it. So, thank you for visiting, this was the engineering behind Walt Disney world resort. 

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